Beware of this scammer!

This website has been set up with the intention of warning people about Khuram Shahzad who is a Birmingham (UK) based professional scammer in the diamonds, Jewellery, & Gold commodities market.

He has scammed millions of dollars from various people around the world including his own friends, family and close business associates with no remorse or guilt.

Although he resides in Birmingham in the UK, he also has businesses incorporated in Belgium and UAE.

He also has an inner circle of close friends and associates who assist him with money laundering, smuggling, tax evasion and in return they are gifted with designer goods, holidays and a luxury life and even a new renovated house!

Khuram maintains a very low profile and you will not find much information of him online – and this is another reason why this site was set up – to raise awareness of his fraudulent activities to potential investors and the public authorities.

The latest news is that he is facing legal cases in the UK & UAE and is serving a travel ban in the UAE until his fraud case has been resolved.


The scam often involves an investment into buying a “packet” of goods. These generally tend to be “below market value” items such as diamonds, gold nuggets, designer watches such as Rolex etc, and he will then approach the victim offering a monthly ROI or a lump sum payment after a few months . A typical example of this may include a $30,000 investment which will make $45,000 (profit of $15k) which will be paid after a few months.

He will agree to sign any paperwork (without even reading it) and conducts most of his business via whatsapp or email.

Once the payments become due, the problems start….and he will use the same usual excuses such as banking issues, or customs have seized the goods, or he has been scammed etc.

Once you start demanding the money back, he starts to threaten you but will NEVER confront you face to face to resolve the issueessentially he is just a keyboard warrior.

Who am I…

I am victim of Khurams fraudulent business activities. I invested my hard earned savings and money with good intentions. Whilst I now realise that I cant get my money back, the only thing i can do is help prevent this extremely stressful situation happening to other innocent people.

So I decided to do carry out some research and do something about it. To my amazement, I found that Khuram has carried out a similar fraud on many occasions. Please spread the word about this website to anyone you know who may be a victim of this sociopath.

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