URGENT – Action Fraud UK

If you have been scammed by Khuram in the last few years, it should now become apparent that he will not pay.

If you contact him, he will make assurances of payments and if youre extremely lucky, he might even give you a small token payment to keep you quiet for slightly longer.

But the harsh truth is that he will NOT pay you your full amount and profit because he owes money to many people. He cant travel because of his travel ban and he is using coronavirus as an excuse not to pay people (because its having an effect on his business).

The time has now come to work collectively to put this scammer behind bars. I have now filed a police report in the UK and I am urging everyone who has been scammed to do the same.

Please go to https://www.actionfraud.police.uk/ and report him asap. The police database will cross reference all the cases and start building a case against him.

There is a section on the form that asks for Scammers details including date of birth, address – please contact us and we will provide this information so you can complete the online form accurately.

Zarpash Chugtai lavish gifts..

It seems that Khurams wife is now in Dubai and living the high life on our hard earned money…..clearly this means that khuram HAS money but has no intention of paying anyone back. Have a look at the following pics –

This pic was uploaded on Khurams wifes – Zarpash Chugtai – social media account in mid-august but was then removed!
Posted on 23rd Aug on her instagram account….all the designer labels are tagged on the pic

The people who are owed money will find these pictures of lavish spending very sickening. Zarpash is also aware that khuram owes money to people. So she is clearly ignoring that fact or believing her husbands lies.

And the biggest shock or irony is that she describes herself as a Philanthropist when her husband is scamming millions from innocent people around the world.