Khurham & the Pink Diamond Scam

Unfortunately another scam victim got in touch and shared his story of how Khuram scammed him very recently. It seems like the only way to stop his scamming is to put him behind bars.

For the purpose of keeping the victims details annonymous, we will call him Mr X. Approximately 2 months ago, Mr X gave Khuram 7 pink diamonds worth 100,000 AED because Khuram told Mr X that he had a buyer from Italy who was ready to buy the goods and pay immediately. So 3 days after the diamonds were handed over to Khuram, the excuses started….

Khuram informed Mr X that the italian buyer wont come to Dubai and that he will personally travel to Italy to complete the deal (we all now know that this is a lie because of the travel ban). Fast forward to today, Khuram continues to make empty promises and excuses and has not returned the goods to Mr X.

So if anyone out there is reading this article and has been offered stolen Pink Diamonds by Khuram, please get in touch so that we can put you in touch with the original seller.

This is another crime which will be reported to Dubai police so it looks fairly certain that Khuram will probably end up behind bars fairly soon.

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