Known Associates & Companies


The following companies are owned by Khuram or have been associated with him:

  • KS Diamonds DMCC – Dubai, UAE
  • Doctor Diamonds DMCC – Dubai, UAE
  • UK Diamonds BVBA – Antwerp, Belgium
  • K&Z Commodities Ltd – London, UK (dissolved)
  • A.N Platinum Consultants Ltd – Birmingham, UK
  • Doctor Diamonds Ltd – London, UK (dissolved)
  • A & Z Cloths Ltd – Birmingham, UK (dissolved)
  • RLatif Limited – Birmingham, UK (dissolved)
  • EuroAsian Ventures Ltd (found via linkedin & registered to another director!)
  • Bee Latif Ltd – London, UK (dissolved)
  • BA3 Ventures Ltd trading as BA Capital – Birmingham, UK
  • KSZ Corporate Services LLC, Dubai, UAE

As you can see, Khuram & his associates are opening & closing a string of companies to keep changing their name and pursue clients under new corporate identities.

If anyone is aware of any new companies that Khuram or his associates are using, please contact us and we will add it to the above list.


Zaid Hussain (right), Naila Latif (left)

Zaid Hussain – A friend and associate who lives in Birmingham. Khuram helped him buy a house and renovate it. Zaid also accompanies Khuram on his business trips & holidays. In 2015, Zaid purchased a house for £178,000 when he was not even employed – and an estimated £200,000 was spent on renovation and extensions using OUR money.

Naila & Bushra Latif – Naila is Zaids wife and Bushra is her sister. Bushra is originally from Kirkclady but also has an address is London (registered to one of the limited companies set up by her). Bushra has also been involved in administration work and helped in setting up client contracts to make the deals look legitimate.

They have both been involved in facilitating funds and/or business deals associated with Khurams fraudulent activities making them complicit in money laundering and fraud.

Naila Latif has been involved in setting up companies and business entities for diamond trading and has been involved in money laundering in this scam.

Khuram also has business partners but I am currently investigating how much involvement they have and if they are also part of this scam.