Whats happened to our money?

By now, we should have all realised that Khuram is a compulsive liar. He has taken money from people years ago and keeps denying that he has no money – yet he and his wife are living a lavish millionaires lifestyle. He has no shame or guilt in spending this money for his own selfish needs whilst he has robbed people…heres the evidence:

BTW these pics are recent and were posted on social media only a few months ago….

New Business

His wife is also opening a new business and guess who is going to fund this?


ZARPASH – If you are reading this and using Khurams money to fund your lifestyle and business, just remember that “what goes around, comes around”

Unlike your husband, i hope that you have some compassion and talk some sense into him paying the money back to the people he owes.

The purpose of this blog post is to PROVE to everyone that he has got money. He also has mutiple properties and im fairly certain that he has other “investments” hidden somewhere.

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